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702-000 Johnstonville Rd  3-8 Wed-THU :: 12-8 fri-Sat-SUN 


Lassen Ale Works maintains eight house beers year-round, as well as seasonal beers that have quickly become local favorites. 

Bomberlabel-Blonde-web sq.jpg

Bizz Johnson Trail Blonde

Tasting Notes:

Our lightest house ale, straw colored, crisp and malty.


Food Pairing:

Bizz Johnson Blonde pairs very well with both seafood and salad.


What’s in the Beer?

Brewed with Pilsner malt and German Saaz hops. 

15 BU/4.0% ABV


Thompson Peak Pilsner

Tasting Notes:

A Classic German-Style Pilsner. Full malt body balanced by a noticeable hop bitterness creates a lager that is dry, crisp, and very refreshing on the palate. Distinct “noble” hop finish is pleasantly spicy without dominating the overall presentation.


Food Pairing:

This lager goes very well with lighter foods such as chicken, seafood, and salads; mild cheeses such as Gouda or white cheddar; and lighter desserts.


What’s in the Beer?

Pilsner, Munich, Vienna and White Wheat malts. Czech Saaz Hops.

50 BU/5.5% ABV


Almanor Amber

Tasting Notes:

This hugely drinkable, light copper colored ale has a wonderful malt forward mouthfeel, balanced by a gentle northwest hop bitterness and finish. A true “session” beer, refreshing and easy on the palate.


Food Pairing:

Complements a wide range of foods - Chicken, Seafood, Burgers, mildly spicy dishes, lighter tangy cheeses such as mild cheddar.


What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale Ale, Munich, Vienna, White Wheat, and Light Crystal Malts; Cascade Hops.
30 BU/4.5% ABV


Eagle Lake IPA

Tasting Notes:

This is a very “session-able” India Pale Ale that combines bright citrus and floral hop flavors with a strong malt backbone to create a very well balanced and drinkable IPA. 


Food Pairing:

Goes wonderfully with strong, spicy dishes like curry or Tandoori; mild blue cheeses like Gorgonzola; and bold, sweet desserts like carrot cake.


What’s in the Beer?

White and Crystal Wheat, medium crystal malts. Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Ekuanot hops.

75 BU/5.7% ABV


Uptown Brown Ale

Tasting Notes:

This classic American Brown Ale emphasizes dark malt character and flavors. Full bodied but easy drinking, malty but not sweet, a great example of a classic American ale style.


Food Pairing:

Great with hearty foods like roast pork, sausage, or brisket; smoky cheeses like aged Gouda; and rich desserts like maple-walnut cake.


What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale Ale, Crystal Wheat, medium and dark crystal, brown and chocolate malts, with a small amount of roast barley. Zythos hops.

30 BU/4.6% ABV


Volcanic Double IPA

Tasting Notes:

Our Double IPA is a true hop-head’s dream. Five different northwest hop varieties give this strong ale an incredibly rich hop bitterness and aroma, while the malt body provides a great balance. Post-fermentation dry hopping adds to the overall hop complexity and aroma. Total hop additions equal over three pounds per barrel.


Food Pairing:

Strong and/or spicy dishes such as lamb, curry, chicken fried steak; Artisanal blue cheese like Humboldt Fog; very sweet desserts such as carrot cake or creme brulee.


What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale Ale, White Wheat, and Carastan malts. Columbus, Amarillo, Centennial, Falconers Flight and Cascade hops.

95 BU/8.5% ABV


Pioneer Porter


Devil's Corral Imperial Stout

Tasting Notes:

Our Porter is a robust, full bodied dry dark ale with a complex, pleasing mouthfeel. This beer has a medium hop bitterness and a wonderful floral finish both of which complement but do not dominate the overall flavor profile. Roasted barley notes are at the forefront of the malt profile, while depth, body and sweetness are contributed from the use of crystal wheat and dark crystal malts. A subtle, smoky finish comes from a small amount of peated distiller’s malt.


Food Pairing:

This dark ale goes great with barbecued and smoked foods, hearty sausages and roasted meats; cow’s milk cheeses like Gruyere or Tilsit; and desserts with chocolate.


What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale Ale, Crystal Wheat, Dark Crystal and Chocolate malts, Roasted Barley, and a small amount of Peated Distiller’s malt. Zythos, Centennial and Cascade Hops.

50 BU/5.5% ABV

Tasting Notes:

This is a very full bodied, strong and dry imperial stout. Mouthfeel is very complex, warm and lasting from the use of ten different malt varieties, with chocolate and roasted barley notes at the forefront. Northwest hops balance the malt and alcohol sweetness and provide a noticeable pine and floral finish.


Food Pairing:

Pairs well with very strong and rich flavored dishes like Foie Gras and Game; long-aged cheeses like Gouda, Parmigiano Reggiano, or sharp cheddar.


What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale Ale, White and Crystal Wheat, Melanoidin, Medium Crystal, Dark Crystal, Chocolate and Black Malts; Roasted Barley. Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops.
55 BU/7.8% ABV

Seasonal Offerings



Tasting Notes:  

The brewers use two aroma hops, Mosaic and Citra, in this light, sessionable pale ale. 


What’s in the Beer?  

Mosaic and Citra hops.

50 BU/4.5% ABV

Bumpass helles just sq.jpg

Bumpass Helles

Tasting Notes:  

This brilliant golden lager is dry and crisp, with low bitterness but a pleasant spicy “noble” hop finish. Medium malt body with pleasant toasted barley notes makes for a very refreshing and well balanced beer, perfect for quenching your thirst after a hot day hiking the trails! 


Food Pairing:  

Great with lighter nutty cheeses like Colby or Jack; pairs well with chicken, sausage or pork. 


What’s in the Beer?  

Pilsner, Munich, Vienna and white wheat malts. Liberty hops. 

20 BU/4.7% ABV

BelgianB sq.jpg

Belgian Blonde

Tasting Notes:

This Belgian “Farmhouse” style ale is light, crisp and refreshing with hints of clove and tropical fruit. 

What’s in the Beer?

Brewed with pilsner, Vienna and white wheat malts and gently balanced with Czech Saaz hops, this traditional harvest ale takes you back to an earlier time when beer was a staple of country life.

20 BU/5.8% ABV


Black Lightning Dark Lager

Tasting Notes:  

Our award-winning dark lager took second place in the Schwartzbier category at the 2017 CA State Fair! You be the judge, taste it for yourself.


What’s in the Beer?  

45 BU/6.0% ABV


Belgian Style Dubbel XX 

Tasting Notes:

This classic Belgian Abbey style Dubbel is a strong, rich and complex malt forward ale, with spicy and floral elements that are derived solely from the yeast strain.


Food Pairing:

Great with barbecue, meat stews, steaks and smoked rib roasts; washed-rind abbey-type cheese or French Morbier; wonderful with milk chocolate.


What's in the Beer?

Franco-Belges Pale, Aromatic Biscuit, and Special Kiln Amber malts; American white wheat and Czech Saaz hops. 

30 BU/6.0% ABV


Tripel XXX

Tasting Notes:  

Dark straw colored, wonderfully malty, complex, and rich Belgian Tripel. Belgian strong ale yeast contributes subtle notes of clove and citrus. Malt and alcohol sweetness is balanced by subtle hop bitterness and mild spicy noble hop finish.


Food Pairing:  

Spicy Cajun food, crab cakes, pheasant or roast turkey; Triple Creme Brie; non-chocolate desserts such as apricot-amaretto tart, baklava, or Linzer Torte.


What’s in the Beer?  

Pilsner, Munich, Vienna and White Wheat malts; Zythos and Czech Saaz hops.

35 BU/10.5% ABV

Rooptown sq.jpg

Rooptown Red Ale -


Tasting Notes:

The brewers have brought back this favorite in honor of Zellamae Miles, great granddaughter of Isaac Roop, founder of Susanville. It's a full bodied, dark ruby colored “Red IPA”.

What’s in the Beer?

Northwest Pale, Munich, and Dark Crystal malts, white wheat, and a touch of chocolate malt and roast barley. Well hopped with Centennial, Amarillo and Eukanot. 

60 BU/5.7% ABV

Doppelbock sq.png


Extra Strong Lager

Tasting Notes:  

Doppelbock is our strongest style of lager. This traditional "winter warmer" is dark, rich and malty.

Food Pairing:  

Hearty foods like sausage pizza.

What’s in the Beer?  

35 BU/9.4% ABV

barley wine sq.jpg

Barley Wine

Tasting Notes:  

Barleywine is the strongest English Ale style, typically brewed for the holiday season. No grapes involved - the name refers to the high alcohol content, 10% ABV in this case - approaching that of wine. 


What’s in the Beer?  

Maris Otter and Dark Crystal malts.

90 BU/10% ABV


Hef Wit - SOLD OUT

Tasting Notes:

This classic Belgian-style Wit Bier is a wonderfully refreshing summertime offering. Orange peel and coriander added in the brew kettle combine with spicy yeast flavors to create a light but complex flavor. 


Food Pairing:

Wit Bier pairs well with fruit salad and steamed shellfish.


What’s in the Beer?

Belgian Pilsner and American White Wheat Malts; Czech Saaz Hops.

25 BU/4.5% ABV

IPL sq.jpg

India Pale Lager 

Tasting Notes:

Hopped with American Liberty and New Zealand Wakatu hops. These hops, both of German Hallertau lineage, combine for a pleasant but distinct spicy ‘noble’ aroma with floral and citrus overtones. Light malt body and moderate alcohol levels allow the hops to shine through. Moderate bitterness; clean, bright and crisp mouthfeel.


Food Pairing:

This lager pairs well with grilled meats and fried seafood; spicy food like quesadillas; soft, ripened cheese; and sweeter light desserts.


What's in the Beer?

Franco-Belges Pilsner, Munich, Vienna and White Wheat malts; Liberty and Wakatu hops.

55 BU/6.0% ABV

ESB sq.jpg

Extra Special Bitter -


Tasting Notes:  

A classic English style ale, light mahogany in color, our ESB’s moderate bitterness is balanced by a full bodied malt mouthfeel. 

What’s in the Beer?  

For authenticity, we brew and dry hop this ESB with East Kent Golding hops, which gives it mild notes of grass and pepper plus a hint of citrus. 

40 BU/5.0% ABV


Oktoberfest Amber Lager -


Tasting Notes:

A classic German style brewed for harvest festivals, this rich but very drinkable dark ruby lager has a wonderful malt forward mouthfeel, balanced by a gentle European noble hop bitterness and finish. We lager this for a month before bringing it to the tap, which makes it incredibly smooth and drinkable. 


Food Pairing:

Great with Mexican or any spicy food; chicken, sausage or pork; perfect with Jalapeno Jack.


What’s in the Beer?

Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, White Wheat, and Light Crystal Malts; Czech Saaz Hops.

35 BU/6.2% ABV


Spring Bock - SOLD OUT

Tasting Notes:

This Strong Pale Lager is a traditional springtime offering in Germany. It's a crisp, clean beer that combines a rich malt body with moderate spicy noble hop bitterness and finish. Subtle toasty malt notes arise from the use of both Munich and Vienna malts. Cold fermented with classic German lager yeast and aged for six to eight weeks. 


Food Pairing:

Goes wonderfully with spicy dishes like Thai or Korean barbeque, also great with fried chicken; classic Swiss cheese such as Emmenthal; and rich desserts like apple strudel or white chocolate cheesecake.


What’s in the Beer?

Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, White Wheat and Carastan malts; Czech Saaz and Sterling hops.

40 BU/7.5% ABV

vienna sq.png

Vienna Lager

Tasting Notes:

This light amber lager is an old world classic. Our take showcases Munich and Vienna malts for a wonderful toasty aroma with subtle caramel and toffee notes. Moderate hop and alcohol levels make this an easy drinking fermentation. Prost! Vienna waits for you. 


What’s in the Beer?

30 BU/4.6% ABV



We make our pizza from scratch, starting with soft wheat flour and imported olive oil. We grind tomatoes for red sauce, grate cheese for white sauce, roast bacon and onions, make our own sausage and meatballs. Because it's the LAW.


Red sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil 



Fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, pistachio 



Red sauce, house-made sausage, red onion, red bell pepper 


Red sauce, shredded mozzarella 


Red sauce, Molinari pepperoni, shredded mozzarella 


Spicy Hawaiian   

Red sauce, fresh pineapple, smoked prosciutto, 



Roast Mushroom 

White sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, fontina, sage, roasted cremini mushrooms.


Weekly Specials

Lasagna, calzones, pizzas, salads, desserts, we're always trying something new - call for our current specials! 



You know you need your veggies. 

We do seasonal salads, too. Order a half or whole serving.

Caesar Salad   

Romaine lettuce, house-made croutons, grated parmesan 


Chopped Salad   

Provolone, salami, cucumber, pickled onion, sunflower seeds


Erik Jefferts, Brewmaster 

My philosophy of beer is that the brewer should try to offer a wide variety, something for everyone. My goal is well-made, interesting beers, with some pushing the envelope in terms of hop levels and alcohol content.

Erik started his career in the brewing industry in the late 1980s in Seattle, at the Big Time Brewing Company. What began as a part-time job working as a doorman soon became a full-time endeavor as the assistant brewmaster and night manager of the pub. Erik’s love of the brewing process led him to seek further experience, first as the head brewer at another brewpub, Seattle’s Duwamps Brewery, and then as a jack of all trades at one of the Northwest’s first production breweries: Hale’s Ales, in Kirkland, WA.

Seeking the opportunity to be involved from the beginning in a new brewery endeavor, Erik relocated to Colorado in 1992. After a year working in the brewing incubator of Fort Collins, Erik joined a team assembled by John Hickenlooper, founder of the first brewpub in Colorado, the Wynkoop Brewing Company. This group renovated and transformed the historic Cheyenne Building in downtown Colorado Springs into the award-winning Phantom Canyon Brewing Company. As brewmaster and managing partner, Erik installed and operated the brewery, and was a key partner in the design and renovation of the entire three-story, 15,000 square foot restaurant, billiards hall, and banquet facility. Since its opening in 1993, this brewpub has consistently won national awards for its beer, food, and historic preservation of the building.


Lassen Land & Trails Trust Fundraiser


This was the first time we had a crowd of people in the Boardroom, so exciting!!



Where the magic happens


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